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NuVet Products

Puppy owners are recommended to purchase this vitamin to extend health guarantee from 1 year to 3 years. 


We realize that dog owners may want to breed their bitch, but do not have the facilities, time, or experience to give the litter the best possible start that we all want for our puppies. TRUEGABULLDOGS, LLC is offering whelping/puppy care services to a limited number of pre-approved litters each year.  These litters will receive the same excellent start that all TRUEGABULLDOGS, LLC puppies receive from birth until they are in the hands of their new owners at 8 weeks of age.

They are raised inside our home not a kennel. Our focus is cleanliness, safety and most of all providing a wonderful home to the puppies before they go to their new homes. Our main goal is to provide a home away home atmosphere to your 4-legged family members while they stay at TRUEGABULLDOGS, LLC.

Optimized Process


Over 10+ years expierence in whelping English & French Bulldogs. Can provide care for female 2 weeks before birth, assist c-section at my veternarian office, and after care from birth up to ready to go home to new owners. We are set up for puppy NICU care if needed and highly skilled to care for all special needs from tube feeding, flat chest, and swimmer puppies. We are prepared and ready to handle any situation that was to arise. 


Monitor and care for Bitch prior to C-section birth (1-week before due date) $275.


C-Section has to be prepaid at time of drop-off.  There is a $200 fee for my time and travel for C-Section.

Litter whelping care prices are as followed:

English Bulldogs 1-4 puppies $700 a week. Each additional puppy is an added $50 each to the $700 week charge.

French Bulldogs 1-4 puppies $600 a week. Each additional puppy is an added $50 each to the $600 week charge.

We do provide services for other breeds just please email or call us for with what you are in need of.

We do not charge for boarding bitch when the litter arrives her care is included in this fee.

Most breeders like to pay to whelp puppies until 5 week of age when we have them wean feeding and they are easier to manage & no longer nursing from mom. 

Week before due date boarding is $275.

Bigger breeds that self whelp and do not require a C-Section. If I'm providing the whelping $500 fee for supervised delivery. 

*** These prices do not include supplies to whelp puppies such as milk supplement, food, vitamins, deworming, veternarian care, puppy pads, baby wipes, etc. Those are the owners responsibility. List will be provided. 

Reverse progestrone testing is available in house by me for $100 a test. This can be billed weekly if I'm providing a in house whelping service. 

Sonograms are provided to verify pregnancy but not accurate count for $60. 

Will provide Progestrone testing, thyroid testing, and full panel health testing.

AI will be available $100 each day.

Semen collection and analyzing to ship.


C- sections can be scheduled with my veterinarian & my skilled presence there assisting. 

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process


We will keep you updated about your litter progress daily. With weight checks, feed amounts, and whats going & how they are progressing. 

We will provide all trip to veternarian but will be owners financial responsibility for litter for 3 week health check deworm, and 6 weeks shots. If microchips are provided we will make sure those are inserted and documented correctly per puppy. 

We will take weekly pictures of the puppies and send them to you that you can use to market and use for your own sells of your litter. We can also arrange for professional photography of the litters at the owners expense. 

We will provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your bitch and litter and they will receive proper socialization while in our home. 

If you want to keep the litter here until 8 weeks and owner pick up from our home we can assist with puppy packets, and talking with new owners. Some breeders provide a cellphone for us to take calls for them for their litter while they work to assist in the sells of their litters. We can do that for you. 

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About us

All of our Bulldogs live in our home with our family and raised around our children, and other dogs. Our puppies are raised with alot of LOVE and ATTENTION! We provide excellent quality, AKC Champion Bloodline English & French Bulldog puppies, stud services, and whelping services.

Payment & Shipping

We accept cash or cash app, venmo, and zelle.

We ship through out the USA via our flight nannies.

Contact us
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Evans, GA 30809
Phone: 706-267-0406
Email: truegabulldogs@aol.com

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